Why have a TST ?
The TST is the ideal way to own a unique personalised Seiko "Tuna" at a reasonable price or to save/use that beat up Seiko diver case you have.

A massive advantage with the TST is the fact you can mod/customise it to your hearts content using both original and some of the many after market parts available from various sources to get the unique "look" that you desire.

You can use a variety of movements such has the reliable 6309 auto, the quartz 7546, 7548,7549.

Donor Seiko diver cases can often be picked up on auction sites such has ebay at very reasonable prices and regular sellers such has Ramon/thewatchcollector ( are worth watching.

Case's that can be used are 6309-7040 (7049), 6309-7290, 7548-700X, 7C43-7000, 7002, SKX, all compatible parts are plug and play so can be swapped as you wish with out modification.

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