Most of your TST questions answered.
What is a TST ?

A TST is basically a standard Seiko dive watch case that has been modified/customised to accept a shroud which is held in place by three M2.5 screws like the 7549-7010 and look like a Seiko Tuna which is ideal for you to produce your own in what ever likeness you want it with the parts available to you.

Can anyone have a TST ?


What is the cost ? can I buy just the shroud? if i have a shroud can I just have my case machined/profiled?

£165 which includes return shipping. Yes shrouds are available separately and I will just machine your case if that's what you want. **Please note" if you just buy a shroud it will not fit your case unless it has been machined/profiled to accept the shroud. I am often asked if the shroud can be removed once it is fitted, yes it can be removed the same as any Tuna shroud can be removed just by unscrewing the three T8 retaining screws.

How and when do I pay ?

Payment due when your TST is ready to ship back to you, paypal Friends & Family (no charges to me) for payment.

What is the turn round time?

Excluding shipping approx 4 weeks and sometimes faster, it depends at what time of the month I receive yours as I like to produce them in small batches.

I don’t live in the UK.

I will and have shipped the TST all over the World.

How do you ship?

I always ship Royal Mail International signed and tracked with maximum insurance which is £250.00 included in the price, if you require more insurance at your expense then please advise.

Are these shipping methods safe and reliable?

All the TST’s shipped up to now have arrived safe (fingers crossed).

What do I have to do to start the ball rolling?

Contact me and tell me what you want?

Not sure what I want?

We will talk about it.

What case do I need for the TST conversion?

You can use a 6309-7040/9, 6309-7290, all 7548s,7C43-7000, 7002 and the SKX

***Special note on the SKX bezel, please read.***

Does it matter if the case is battered and knocked about?

No, these types of case are often the best ones to use because most of the external case is machined away so in fact you are in a way saving a other wise poor case but obviously the sealing faces and the case tube/thread need to be good if you want your TST to be WP when finished.

Does the price include you supplying the stainless shroud as well ?

Yes, £165 is the case work and the new fitted shroud made from 316 stainless steel and lug drilling (extra £20) case back sterilised (extra £10) if required.

Can a standard 6309 type TST shroud fit the SKX case ?

The two shrouds have many similarities but due to the crown position on the SKX, 3.45 rather than 4.00 as on the 6309s/7548s/7C43, 7002 and also which is less important the SKX has a slightly larger bezel so they are not interchangeable.

My SKX has a Murphy bezel fitted will this work with the SKX shroud?Yes as the SKX bezel has the same outer diameter.

Can I have any extra’s and do I need them?

The Lugs can be drilled (£10) which helps with strap changes, the case back can be sterilised (£10) and I can even arrange for it to be engraved (£20) if you wish for a extra charge, optional and for you to decide. If your Lugs holes are enlarged due to wear these can be  sent away for laser welding but it is not cheap, I can also do a "BIG" crown for some models.

Can you get them coated?

At this time no.

Do you also supply a set of fixing screws for the shroud?

Yes a basic set, other customised one’s can be obtained.

What happens if my case got ruined or damaged during the machining process ?

Obviously things can/could go wrong during machining, tool could break, I could make a mistake etc but up to now all has been good as I use top quality tools/fixtures but if the worse did happen then I am sure we could sort something out :) the machines I use are all manual and not CNC so each TST is a one off.

If I haven’t got a case can you supply me with a suitable one?

Some times, but normally no, you have to supply the case.

Do I strip the watch down to the bare case or do you ?

I am easy, you can just send the case or I can strip it for you.

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