Bottom alignment T1 Die for Seiko S-220 crystal press.
When ever we fit a crystal retaining ring we align the case with the ring on it with the upper die and press it into place same as bezels etc, no problem as such but we do have to line the top and bottom up so that even pressure is applied to do it correctly.

So I decided to make a custom bottom die for my Seiko crystal press. This die is for the 6309-704X. 6309-7290, 7548-700X, 6105-811X, it may fit others but these are the cases I have actually tried.

This "custom" die locates in the bore (A) at the back of the case with .002/4" play so a nice snug fit and bottom locates (B) where the case back fits, a shade wider than case back but still on the flat of the case with a cut out (C) for case tube.

So just drop the case on the custom die, place the the ring on the case and press into place, every thing lines up perfectly and nice even pressure when pressing into place
£15.00 each plus £2.50 postage in the UK which includes tracking and insurance (Jiffy bag).
£15.00 each plus £3.80 shipping rest of the World, standard with no tracking/insurance(jiffy bag).
£15.00 each plus £7.50 shipping rest of the World if tracking and insurance required(Jiffy bag).

Payments by paypal.

Please email for availability and paypal details, thank you.
         Die for locating Seiko 7AXXs cases for pressing in crystal and replacing bezel.
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