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Golgo tst

Posted Wednesday 13 Apr 2016 21:15 PM
In an effort to create an homage to the limited production Golgo 13, John Bentley has produced one of the finest watches yet... By this time, I'm sure we're all familiar with John's trademark tst machined diver's; 6309 cushion cased as well as other standard cased 6309's and 7548's that have been milled, drilled & tapped to accommodate fitting a tuna shroud. And while his groundbreaking work in machining these otherwise ordinary divers' has allowed so many of us to create tuna mods of our own, the Golgo tst is in a league by itself. When the original Golgo first hit the streets, it was limited to a production run of just 500 pieces. Combine that low number of units with a purchase price of close to $2000 USD and most of us will never have an opportunity to own one. Even after being out of production for four years, and NIB examples all but gone, prices are still hovering in the $1500-$1700 USD range. Enter the Golgo tst. Limited to a production run of only one, but carrying many of the features seen only on the actual Golgo 13...glossy black pvd Golgo shroud, actual Golgo dial with red target lume pods, original tuna handset with Golgo red tipped seconds, Golgo chapter ring and Golgo bezel with red triangle at 12. Standard equipped with a 5 jewel high torque quartz movement such as it found in 7c46 based quartz tunas'. Superb machine work combined with so many original Golgo parts leaves little to ask for here; the drilled lugs make for easy strap changes and the precision turned "extended" crown with deep grooves make small work when adjusting the time or setting day and date. When I first saw the watch, my first thought was to have the case, crown and shroud screws coated in black pvd to match the shroud and black bezel, but the contrast of the stainless bits against the Golgo shiny black coating really makes the machine work stand out. In a word, I wouldn't change a thing. This is truly a fine watch. After wearing it for a week straight, I have to say that it has taken its place as my new favorite daily driver. With an impressive footprint normally found only on the higher end tunas' yet still light on the wrist and comfortable enough for all day wear. The 5 jewel movement keeps up with the best of them; including both the SBBN007 tuna and the SBBN023 {Golgo 13} tuna. After wearing one of John's tst's, my advice is to get one before they're gone...just not this one; this one's mine! All credits for this build go to John Bentley... Superb job here John! Best Regards, Mike

It is hard to beat perfection....

Posted Sunday 07 Jun 2015 00:30 AM
Wow! John B. has his head firmly planted in what he's doing! I've got two TST conversions of SKX00x type Seiko watches. In both instances the machine work is very close to faultless. Let me also state, I am versed in what it takes to cut metal, having worked in a para-mold-making capacity, and having built winning target rifles and pistols. Mold makers are usually considered the cream of the crop of machinists/metal cutters, and I've worked along side some of the best. To this day, I still sometimes wonder about Mr. B's fixtures.... I know how he cut the metal, but how he held the part. That's easily seen from the few tool marks. How he held it, how he indexed it, how it'd done over and over... well, dear WIS's, that sometimes keeps me awake at night. This is a review. What can be said. Mr. B. machines your SKX case to accept the new shroud of his own manufacture. The strap lugs are reworked, drilled through if you desire. The case back is cleaned of all but the tsunami in the middle, again, if you desire. No engraving on the TST yet, but from the web images, it looks good. The shroud is first rate. The surface finish is better than that seen on the SBBN015, and a evolutionary steps ahead of that seen on the SBBN017, which is blasted with two grits of media to hide its tool marks. John produces a first rate shroud. The holes in the case are blind, correctly threaded, and match is shroud perfectly. They accept standard Seiko shroud screws, which are available from various sources, in multiple styles (on the 'net). This is a very hard act to follow. You can get an SKX00x for under $100 US dollars (as of this date). Let JB do his thing, and you're into a great little TUNA for not much jingle at all. Or you can add a new dial, hands, day/date wheels, crystal, bezel, bezel insert, crown... you name it... and have a total custom creation. And when I say total custom creation... I mean a singular timepiece, no other like it in existence, anywhere in the known universe and nine Outer Dominions! To make matters more succulent, to date, Mr. B. himself has been very accommodating, working with my watchmaker, providing great communication, and basically being an all round great sort of bloke to deal with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! (the TST conversion, that is)

A Shroud or Two, In Black & Blue

Posted Wednesday 03 Jun 2015 15:40 PM
Having modded a dozen or so SKX divers I'm always on the lookout for new ideas. Happened to stumble across TST shroud conversions and had to give one a try. Working w/ John was easy due to his timely replies to all my questions. I was so thrilled with the results I instantly ordered another. The fit & finish are top notch and create the ultimate SKX mod. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Well done, John! Thanks, Dan Pierce

Timekeeper forum project watch

Posted Wednesday 05 Nov 2014 05:43 AM
I among a group from the Timekeeper watch forum in New Zealand sent our watches to John for the TST upgrade.. Mine is fitted with new dial and hands from Yobokies.... [img][/img] [img][/img] Cheers

Received mine

Posted Monday 23 Jun 2014 15:52 PM
Received mine, just the one and it's fast becoming a favourite, can't wait to get another one , love it, thanks :)

Should you TST your diver?

Posted Friday 13 Jun 2014 22:44 PM
Firstly I need to say that aside from being aware of John Bentley's (aka TheTigerUK) watch collecting, watch repairing, restoring and modifying ability combined with respecting his engineering skills from exchanges in our watch forum that I have no affiliation otherwise. I think I'm directing this towards those who are thinking of taking the plunge into the TST world. When I first came across the Tuna models I couldn't see the attraction and also at the cost I didn't want to put one on the wish list. Following John Bentley's posts on the Seiko & Citizen Watch Forum as TheTigerUKa, nd already knowing he was a machinist by trade, I became aware that he was planning to see if he could create and latterly possibly market a version of his own. This would involve modifying an old diver for the purpose of having a homage to the "real" thing with the added advantage that the owner could then build their own version to suit their taste due to the choice of after market dials, hands and bezel inserts available for the model they would be based on. Elsewhere in the site that John has now launched, you can see some of the variations that people has started to come up with. So for me this now had appeal, I could make something of my old diver whose case was badly marked in areas that the shroud would hide. The cost would be considerably less than buying an actual Tuna and I could swap dials and hands around as I pleased without interfering with a normal one that may have cost a tidy sum to obtain. Added to this I could use genuine parts too if I wanted so that I could have something near to "proper" if I chose. Now most of you will have already figured this out so possibly some are thinking as to if they want to take the risk of having their watch case altered by someone on the internet who they've never met and isn't even a watch maker by trade. My advice on this is to come and join the TST club as there is no concern over the standard of workmanship or John's credibility. The TST 7548 quartz model that I have is now one of my favourite watches. I did this one (with the damaged case) as a low risk exercise as the case was too beaten up to be used as it was. So if I didn't like the work I'd have spent a few quid but I wouldn't have wasted a watch and with this theory in mind I sent it off to Tiger to work his magic. On it's return I saw no fault in the quality of the modification in any way at all, what I saw was craftsmanship and it's very clear a lot of time and effort and also practice had gone into this project to ensure the end result "does what it says on the tin" to coin a phrase. My confidence in the product is such that I have sent John a brand new SKX011J diver bought purposely for the TST conversion. I have now got two in use with two on the way and number five is on the mental drawing board. So take it from me this is an exclusive little club that for obvious reasons it won't be made in thousands and therefore not everyone will have one . I'd say Go for it! Steve SKG7548 in the above mentioned forum

TST 6309 Yellow Dial

Posted Friday 13 Jun 2014 12:57 PM
Thanks to TheTigerUK, I am the proud owner of an awesome TST. Mine is based on a 6309-7290, with its original 6309 automatic movement, aftermarket yellow dial and chapter ring sourced from the Philippines, SKX007 handset, domed aftermarket 6105 crystal and big crown conversion. This is without a doubt the best Seiko diver mod out there, and the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into making one of these is unbelievable.
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